Maintenance and Repair

We offer various maintenance contracts according your needs. We guide you in making a wise and informed choice.

  • Service available 24/7
  • Technicians trained to deal with many types of passenger and freight elevators, escalators and equipment for the disabled
  • Service vehicles equipped with quality machinery and equipment to maintain the reliability and performance of your elevator
Maintenance and  Repair


Various work can be done on your elevator to improve performance, reliability or aesthetics. We also have the expertise to render your elevator compliant with current safety standards, maintaining or improving security.

  • Installation of new control, valve, or door equipment  
  • Modification of side walls, doors or call buttons
  • Changing of cylinder in hydraulic elevator and cables for traction elevator 


We can design, build and install various types of passenger and freight elevators or equipment for the disabled that meet your requirements and building specs. Our teams have the required expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to install all the following types of elevators:

  • Hydraulic  elevators  with or without drilling
  • Elevators with or without traction gear, with mechanical room at the top, side or bottom of the shaft
  • Traction elevators without mechanical room
  • Elevators, platforms or chair for people with reduced mobility 

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